If you don’t recognize him by sight, you are likely Angell’s voice. He is the play by play voice for Carolina Athletics. This spring he decided to undergo LASIK vision correction with Dr. Bryan here at COA. Jones filled us in on the issues that convinced him to opt for refractive surgery and allowed us to follow him through the process. Thanks Jones!

“The biggest challenge for me came with my profession. As a broadcaster, I need to be able to see things well from a great distance and having to wear contacts/glasses sometimes made that a challenge. I look forward to being able to see the field and court clearly even from far away.”

Jones and Jeannette at the WaveScan

Before undergoing the procedure, Jeannette took WaveScan images (or a 3D analysis) of Jones’s corneas. After that, Tracy went over his post op instructions and answered any remaining questions while checking his blood pressure and prepping him for LASIK.

Tracy preps Jones.

Meanwhile Polly and Casey prepped the laser room.

Polly and Casey prep the laser room while Dr. Bryan administers a numbing drop.

Once Jones came into the laser room Dr. Bryan took a look at Jones’s corneas at the slit lamp to make sure his axis was correctly marked for his astigmatic correction.

Dr. Bryan marks the axis for astigmatic correction.

Once everything was set and a time out was done to be sure everyone was on the same page, it was go time. “I was a little nervous at the beginning of the procedure,” said Jones, “but Dr. Bryan and his team did a tremendous job of keeping the atmosphere positive yet professional while also making sure I was informed of the progress of the procedure the entire time.”

Undergoing the procedure. Jeremiah and Chad from Sightpath assist.

Undergoing the procedure.

If you are feeling a bit nervous, Dr. Bryan’s Laser Gator can help you get all of your nervous energy out by allowing you to squeeze him tightly.

Jones holds onto our Laser Gator.

Looking at the clock on the wall. Right after surgery most patients are stunned to realize they can already see the numbers on the clock.

Now Jones gets to look forward to life independent of glasses or contact lenses. “I would always have problems with my contacts losing focus so having the consistency of my new vision has been tremendous. I have been in glasses the last several months so getting to wear sunglasses again has been great!”

Jones and Dr. Bryan.

For a first person account of what the procedure feels like, check out Laura’s blog post from a few months back. See the button below.

Jones took the leap, and now he is living without the limitation of glasses or contact lenses.

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