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Thanksgiving Food Drive

Every year, we try to help our community by hosting a food drive.  We take all items donated to the local food shelter to help others in need. We will have donation bins in our office so you can drop off non-perishable items. Thank you for your donation!

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Are Halloween contact lenses safe?

I am sure you have seen the contact lenses you can buy over the counter during Halloween.  They can be bright colors or make your eyes look like different shapes. Because these lenses are not being fitted and dispensed by an eye care professional, they come with a...

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Phones are working!

Our phones are working again!  We appreciate your patience as this issue has finally been resolved.                                    

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Phone Lines are Down!!!

We apologize but all phone lines and internet access are down temporarily. We hope they will be back up soon.  For eye emergencies only, please call 919-810-3624.  All other calls should wait and call our office once our lines are up and running again. Thanks!  ...

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The “New Normal”

You have probably heard the phrase "the new normal" more times than you can count. This is the reality we are all living through. Whether it is in regards to your job, your kid's school, or future doctor visits, everything is new and different. Healthcare especially...

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Our office is taking proper precautions to keep our patients, staff, and doctors safe.  If you answer "YES" to any of the following statements, we require that you reschedule your appointment:  You have been outside the US or traveled to another state that has issued...

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See what you’ve been missing!

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