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Fax Number Changes….

We have a new fax number!  Our office now has a new fax number {(855) 700-6349} for any patient or office needing to fax us secure information.  We also have electronic faxing capabilities for offices on EMR that need to facilitate a direct referral or messaging...

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Eye Safety

Did you know that most eye injuries occur at home? Eye safety is always important.  Summertime brings fireworks, home projects, yard work, and other "fun in the sun" activities.  It is always important to keep your eyes safe.  This video can give you some tips on how...

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Friendly Faces

Meet our Front Desk.... Leslee and BJ are the first faces you will see when checking in for an appointment.  They greet you and welcome you to our practice!  All patients will review and sign a Financial Policy and the Refraction Services and Fee Policy. Leslee and BJ...

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Who doesn't love a great pair of sunglasses! Do you consider sunglasses a fashion accessory or a medical device? A famous first lady is the reason that sunglasses can be considered a part of fashion. Click the link to see if you know who it may be........ FIRST LADY...

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The Occluder and the Pinhole

Perhaps you’ve had your vision checked recently. You were looking through the occluder (the black thing that looks like a really poorly made carnival mask) with your right eye looking through the hole.  You were not been able to read down to the bottom of the chart....

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Jones Angell and His Laser Sharp Vision.

If you don’t recognize him by sight, you are likely Angell’s voice. He is the play by play voice for Carolina Athletics. This spring he decided to undergo LASIK vision correction with Dr. Bryan here at COA. Jones filled us in on the issues that convinced him to opt...

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See what you’ve been missing!

Stop struggling with your eyesight! Now is the time to schedule your free LASIK consultation with Dr. Bryan at Carolina Ophthalmology and find out if you’re a candidate for laser vision correction. Why not take our Self Evaluation Test to get started?